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Vigor Technology Will Announce P-Type 3D Laser Scanner Soon

The three-dimensional laser scanning technology makes visual monitoring in tunnel construction available. This technology acquires and stores the point cloud data of the tunnel contour through the non-contact scanning measurement and filtering analysis technology, so it can obtain the three-dimensional solid model of the tunnel space and perform digital information processing and warning& forecasting of tunnel. It provides a high-quality data foundation for the digitalization of tunnel information, the visualization of tunnel monitoring and the intelligent construction.

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Advanced 3D Laser Scanning Technology

3D laser scanning technology, also known as "3D real-time copying" technology, acquires 3D stereoscopic information of any complex field environment and space target in a fast, non-contact, high-precision way, and quickly reconstructs the 3D model and line, surface and body of the target, so as to reproduce the true morphological characteristics of objective things.
1. Non-Contact Measurement: this method eliminates the need for a reflective prism and does not require any processing on the target object to directly collect surface data of the object.
2. High Data Sampling Rate: the sampling point data is much higher than the traditionally measured sampling point data, and the pulsed laser scanning method can count thousands of points per second.
3. Active Emission Scanning Light Source: 3D laser scanning technology can actively emit laser light without being affected by the scanning environment, and the target point position information is measured by the echo information of the laser light emitted by itself.
4. High Resolution, High Precision: 3D laser scanning can quickly acquire high-precision, high-resolution point cloud data, and accurate 3D coordinate information of target surface points obtained.
5. Good Digital Compatibility: it acquires digital signals directly, so it has all-digital features, and its post-processing software has good sharing with other software.
6. Multidisciplinary Integration: involving modern electronics, optics, mechanics, control engineering, image processing, computer vision, computer graphics, software engineering, etc., is the integration of a variety of advanced technologies.

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Brief Introduction of Vigor P-Type 3D Laser Scanner

After several years of research and development, Vigor Technology will announce the P-Type 3D Laser Scanner soon on the Bauma China 2018. The P-Type 3D laser scanner is a patented product independently developed by Vigor Technology. A beam laser is emitted by the laser emitter, and the system records the time from contact to a surface and return from surface to contact. The position of the measured point in the reference coordinate system can be obtained by coordinate conversion calculation. This 3D laser scanner uses 22-bit photoelectric absolute code angle measurement technology, integrated with high-precision optical system, high-stability mechanical structure and highly-integrated circuit design.

Main Applications of Vigor P-Type 3D Laser Scanner

This product is specially designed to improve the informationization level of tunnel construction, so as to effectively decrease casualties during the tunnel construction and enhance the tunnel construction efficiency:
1. Tunnel face measurement: contouring; excavation calculation; super undercut analysis.
2. Shotcrete thickness analysis: shotcrete flatness; cross-section analysis; spray thickness analysis; second liner thickness analysis.
3. Tunnel engineering monitoring: deformation monitoring; construction quantity calculation.