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Vigor Technology SST920 Electronic Levelmeter Receives Professional Measurement Report

At the beginning of April, 2019, our company's SST920 electronic levelmeter passed the measurement test of Beijing Aerospace Measurement and Testing Institute and received authoritative report. This report shows that the performance of SST920 handheld levelmeter is of industry-leading level when comparing with similar products, which is of great significance for us to further expand the business of precision instruments and instrument manufacturing.

SST920 handheld levelmeter report

Vigor Technology SST920 handheld levelmeter is based on the inertial navigation level servo accelerometer as the core sensitive device, with resolution of 0.1μg, frequency response of 10Hz, and signal-to-noise ratio of more than 120dB. At room temperature, the SST920 electronic level can achieve measurement accuracy of up to ±1.0". It also has a programmable communication interface and a digital display LCD, which can realize visual reading or remote reading of data, and the device has measurement data storage function. The program-controlled interface can realize the readback, graphical display and index analysis of measurement data.

SST920 handheld electronic levelmeter is mainly used in high-precision applications such as precision machine tools, optical instruments, missile launches and laser-affected devices to enable leveling and precision angle measurement of high-precision platforms.