Company Profile

Established in 2001, Shanghai Vigor Technology Development Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional manufacturers and suppliers of inclinometers engaged in attitude, position and orientation measurement. After years of unremitting efforts, Vigor has established a technical ecological chain system integrating sensing, transmission, acquisition, analysis, test, measurement, simulation, motion control and intelligent control, in order to realize a technical architecture combining various kinds of technologies in light, machinery, electric, hydraulic, IOT, internet, geotechnical, BIM and etc. We provide customers with value-oriented and complete system solutions that we have the ability to undertake system-based intelligent integration project which is of high difficulty and high complexity.

Vigor Technology has a wide range of sensing and transmission technologies with a complete range of products, obvious core advantages and complete supporting systems that it can meet the needs of any demanding application. A global sales network of more than 20 agents has been established, providing high-performance attitude measurement products for various companies such as Siemens, ABB, EADS, IAI, Trex, Cargotech and etc.

In the field of test/measurement/surveying, Vigor Technology provides comprehensive range of comprehensive solution for data acquisition and analysis, motion simulation and virtual simulation, engineering re-application for military, shipbuilding, automotive, geotechnical and other industries, with integrated GNSS positioning technology, Inertial navigation technology, radar/ultrasonic speed measurement technology, human physiology and engineering technology, motion control technology, 3D laser scanning technology, high-speed image measurement technology, etc., combined with human-machine-environment data fusion and analysis.

Based on the concept of creating value for customers, Vigor Technology has pioneered the construction technology R&D team to deeply integrate the user's site with our technical advantages. The sensing technology and the complete set of mapping technology (3D laser scanning) deeply integrates BIM technology, geotechnical/geological exploration technology, engineering construction method, machine self-learning algorithm, big data and etc. to realize the datafication, informatization and intellectualization of construction process. It aims to maximize the benefits of customers and establish an important foundation for the final unmanned construction.

In the field of control, Vigor Technology is based on long-term development. On the existing mature automation technology, it uses the environment sensing technology such as sensing, scanning and exploration to realize the automatic path planning along with the construction method, and realize intelligent control via the command control to machine-electro-hydraulic automation system.

At present, Vigor Technology has established its own technical architecture system and product system for intelligent tunnels. Focusing on mine tunnels, shield tunnels and mine construction, our research and development team is dedicated to developing informatization, digitalization and intelligent technologies related to the whole life circle of engineering planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance. The intelligent upgrade of construction equipment in traditional tunnel industry, unmanned construction technology of large tunnels and mines, 3D simulation technology, digital restoration technology, disaster inversion technology, risk warning and management, new engineering research and process practice and etc. of Vigor Technology are of industry-leading level. We not only provide highly competitive products, but also combine expertise in different fields to provide customers with comprehensive, high-quality, professional and forward-looking technologies, products and services.