The diversified market requirement brings up higher demand for product design, material and functions, so Vigor Technology provides various types of custom services for customers so as to better meet customers' demand.

1. Customized Products

As our products are widely used in different fields such as engineering machinery, aerospace, civil engineering, energy and power, transportation, vehicles, military and etc., so there are large customer demand differences. In case like this, Vigor Technology offers diversified customization services according to the practical situations:

For different working conditions, the product casing, cables, communication interface, modules, measuring accuracy, axis, inclination range, standards and etc. can all be customized according to the application scenarios, such as explosion-proof casing, submersible casing, vibration wire, military standard and etc.

2. Customized System Solutions

Additionally, Vigor Technology also provides customized complete system solutions for different industry such as tower monitoring system solution, automatic solar tracking control system solution and etc. what are specially developed for specific industry needs.

3. OEM Service

We also provides OEM service for worldwide customers that high quality products can be made according to the buyer’s product specification with customized design, material, dimensions, functions, colors and etc.