Focusing on product quality and customer experience, Vigor Technology has built an effective quality management safeguard system, owns ISO9000 domestic and international quality identification and provides effectively high-quality service for customers. Below are the maintenance details:

I. Within Warranty Period

When the faulty product is sent back to us, our after-sales engineer will inspect it at first:

1. If the test report shows that there is indeed a quality problem caused by non-human factors, we will repair it and be responsible for all the manual testing fees, maintenance costs, delivery expense and customs fee. If the test report shows that the faulty product cannot be repaired, we will replace the old one with a brand-new product for the customer and be responsible for all the related fees.

2. If the product failure is caused by obvious human factors such as damaged casing, damaged cable and etc., the maintenance fee, delivery expense and customs fee will be responsible by customers. If the product cannot be repaired after testing, our engineer will recommend customer to purchase a new one.

II. Out of Warranty

When the product is out of warranty period, please refer to the following items:

1. If the product failure can be repaired by our professional staff, we will charge corresponding labor fee and replacement device cost from customer. The delivery expense, customs fee and etc. will be responsible by customer.

2. If the product is impossible to repair after testing, it is recommended to purchase a new one.