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Application of SST20 and SST810 Inclination Sensor on Crane for Preventing Rollover Accidents

With the rapid development of global infrastructure construction and construction industry, the construction mechanization level is getting higher and higher. When it comes to building construction machinery, I have to say cranes. The crane is a kind of machine capable of realizing vertical and horizontal transportation of materials. It has the characteristics of high lifting height, large lifting weight and large working range, which greatly improves the efficiency of construction and reduces labor costs. Due to the wide application of cranes, the quality of cranes is also uneven. On the other hand, cranes are characterized by high-altitude operations, large tower crane structures and high working intensity, which is prone to crane tipping accidents.

Application of SST20 and SST810 Inclination Sensor on Crane for Preventing Rollover Accidents(图1)

Monitor Crane Attitude in Real Time with Inclination Sensor

In fact, the safety of cranes has always been the focus of the construction industry. During the working process, when the boom is long and the angle of inclination (angle with the plumb line) increases beyond the specified range to a critical angle of lifting hazard, the crane body is prone to tilt or even tip over.

Before the crane is working, it needs to level the chassis to ensure that the chassis is kept in a horizontal plane, which not only ensures the safety of the operation, but also enables the crane to exert its maximum lifting capacity. A high-precision  digital inclinometer sensor can be installed on the fixed chassis of the crane to measure the level of the chassis at this moment. The operator can have a comprehensive understanding of the existing horizontal angle, and it is easier to adjust the plane where the crane is located to avoid the safety hazard of the crane. At the same time, the measured angle signal can be sent to the crane control system to realize the function of automatic level adjustment. It is also possible to set the upper line and lower line of tilt angle for alarming, and use the measured angle value of the boom to calculate the height of the lift, which can prevent the crane from tipping over.

Application of SST20 and SST810 Inclination Sensor on Crane for Preventing Rollover Accidents(图2)

How Does the Vigor Inclination Sensor Overcome the Crane Inclination Monitoring Problem?

The combination of SST810 dynamic tilt sensor and static SST20 single axis inclinometer or dual axis inclinometer effectively solves the problem of real-time attitude monitoring during crane operation. SST20 static inclinometer is installed on the chassis and can effectively filter the vibration signal caused by engine operation through its unique vibration filtering algorithm, so as to obtain an accurate chassis attitude and achieve chassis leveling.

SST810 is a dynamic tilt sensor that is mounted on the boom and can measure the real-time attitude of each boom relative to the geodetic coordinate system in real time. In this way, the vehicle coordinate system and the geodetic coordinate system can be unified, and the lifting weight can be used to calculate the gravity center of the vehicle in real time. When the center of gravity shift exceeds the set threshold, the sound and light alarm is triggered, and the center of gravity is manually or automatically adjusted, preventing the occurrence of rollover accident and causalities.

Application of SST20 and SST810 Inclination Sensor on Crane for Preventing Rollover Accidents(图3)

The inclination sensor products of Vigor Technology are widely used in cranes, pump trucks, mortar machines, graders, pavers, excavators, rotary drilling rigs, asphalt machines, elevators, aerial work vehicles, harvesters, Bridge monitoring, landslides, water dams, drilling and other mechanical fields. If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.