Application Cases

Application of Vigor SST300 WiFi Wireless Inclinometer on Telecom Tower in Lithuania

Along with the rapid development of 4G and 5G technology, the number of communication base stations has increased quickly. Due to some natural phenomena, as well as the comprehensive impact of mining, engineering construction, foundation settlement, man-made damage and other factors, the communication tower body is prone to tilting, which requires monitoring of the communication tower to prevent communication tower collapse accidents and communication interruption. The traditional monitoring relies solely on the inspection personnel to measure and calibrate the inclination with the theodolite and the level meter, and to maintain the communication tower through long-term uninterrupted observation.

Application of Vigor SST300 WiFi Wireless Inclinometer on Telecom Tower in Lithuania(图1)

In this post, Vigor Technology's Lithuanian customers use sensor technology to collect and store the tower inclination and verticality, and transmit the monitoring data to the monitoring computer through wireless technology to provide uninterrupted observation data for the communication tower maintenance personnel, providing a reliable basis for the communication tower warning system and making high-efficiency fixed-point maintenance a reality.

In the project, our customers equipped each communication tower with a SST300 WiFi wireless tilt sensor, a data acquisition instrument and a power supply system. By converting the wireless signal into a 4G, 3G or 5G signal, the terminal can then see the real-time monitoring situation by accessing the cloud server.

Application of Vigor SST300 WiFi Wireless Inclinometer on Telecom Tower in Lithuania(图2)

The remote real-time monitoring scheme of the communication tower provided by Vigor Technology has greatly reduced the cost of manual operation and maintenance, improved the work efficiency, and avoided dangerous operations such as artificial climbing towers. Besides, the health status of the communication tower is always under control. With the advent of 5G communication technology, Vigor's precise and intelligent tower monitoring system solution will gain a broader market in the field of communications.