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Application of SST300 Inclinometer Sensor on Water Tower for Tilt Monitoring

Water tower is a high-rise structure for water storage and distribution. It is used to maintain and regulate the water quantity and pressure in the water supply network. Water tower is a common and special structure in industrial and civil buildings. Its construction requires special care and skill. If the construction quality is not good, it will cause permanent leakage or it cannot be used. Affected by the external natural environment, such as earthquakes, foundation settlement, etc., the water tower is liable to sink or tilt; at the same time, due to uneven construction levels of the water tower, or due to improper use, such as a large amount of pumping, the water tower foundation fails, resulting in safety hazard and economic loss. How can we monitor the tilt status of a water tower in real time, especially a large water tower? Vigor SST300 inclination sensor can accurately monitor the tilting attitude of the water tower in real time.

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SST300 is an intelligent tilt sensor with stable performance. Usually, SST300 tilt sensor is installed on the platform which is on the top of the water tower. It can monitor and output the current tilt angle of the water tower in real time, while transmitting the monitored data to the control system for storage and analysis, so as to provide objective and accurate basis for water tower maintenance staff.

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