Application Cases

Application of Inclination Sensor on Telescopic Handler for Tilt Monitoring

A telescopic-boom handler is equipped with a telescopic boom, and it is a multi-purpose telehandler with off-road performance. There is a large difference in lifting height and load capacity of different types of telescopic handlers. In the actual handling operation, because the weight of the goods being hoisted cannot be accurately estimated with the naked eye, the weight of the handled goods may exceed the load capacity of the telehandlers, the weight at the end of the long boom will cause the telescopic handler to be unstable. Especially when the ground of the working environment is uneven, there is a huge safety hazard in the operation of the telescopic handler. Overturning accidents may occur at any time, causing casualties and economic losses. However, the application of the inclination sensor can greatly improve the operational safety of the telescopic handlers as the real-time angle of the boom and the roll angle of the vehicle body is under the control of the operator, so overturning accidents can be avoided.

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SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer Monitors Tilt Angle of Telescopic Boom in Real Time

Under normal circumstances, customers choose the SST810 single-axis dynamic tilt sensor to be mounted on the boom of a telescopic handler, and the measuring range of sensor is generally 0 to 90 °. SST810 high-precision dynamic inclination sensor can accurately measure the angle of the boom in real time and transmit the data to the control panel of the telehandler. When the boom angle exceeds the set safety range, the inclination sensor can quickly send a signal, and the telehandler control system can send a warning message to the operator in time. In such a dynamic application, the boom attitude measurement results of traditional tilt sensors are affected by acceleration, so the angular measurement data cannot be effectively identified and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. However, the Vigor SST810 is a gyroscope inclinometer that provides dynamic roll and pitch angle measurement with high refresh rate for objects in motion. It can accurately monitor the boom angle of a telescopic handler and transmit the most accurate information to the operator.

SST400 Inclination Sensor Monitors Roll Angle of Telehandler Body in Real Time

During the operation, especially when there is a large slope on the ground, we must attach great importance to the tilt attitude of the telehandler body to prevent the overturning accident when the boom is stretching or lifting heavy objects. SST400 high-precision dual-axis inclination sensor can accurately measure the roll angle and pitch angle of the telehandler body, and accurately feedback the body attitude information to the control system. When the body posture of the telehandler is close to or exceeds the safety range, the operator can receive alarm information in time from the human-computer interaction interface, so as to make corresponding measures immediately. SST400 adopts Vigor's patented automatic test technology, carries out strict testing and correction compensation, and incorporates proprietary vibration suppression technology, which fully meets the field use environment of telescopic handlers.

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