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Inclinometer Installation Procedures and Instructions

After buying an inclinometer sensor, the next step will be installing the inclinometer for monitoring the inclination or attitude of the measured target. Hereof, the SST810 dynamic inclinometer will be taken as an example to introduce the inclinometer installation procedures.

I. Instructions Before Inclinometer Installation

Attention should be paid to the following information before installing SST810 inclinometer:
1. SST810 should be installed on the measuring plane or the base bracket in parallel.

2. The sensitive axis of SST810 needs to be parallel to the tilt axis of measured plane.
1) Roll and Pitch judgement of SST810: X indicates Roll, Y indicates Pitch.

tilt sensor installation step1

2) Angle judgement of SST810: X indicates Roll, Y indicates Pitch.

tilt sensor installation step2

II. Inclinometer Installation Procedures

The overall shape of SST810 dynamic inclinometer is square. There are two bumps on the base and each bump has a fixed screw hole for installation. The installation and using of SST810 inclinometer is very simple in order to achieve the best measurement results, and we provide the instructions of choosing a placement and attention in installation.

1. Choose a Placement for Inclinometer
The mounting plane should be rigid, hard and smooth, the base of SST810 should keep rigid contact with the mounting plane.

2. Relationship Between Sensor Axis And Measured Target
The sensitivity axis of SST810 should be perpendicular to the rotation axis of the measured target, as shown below:

tilt sensor installation guide

Note: for specific installation please refer to the material object.

III. Important Notes

1. After the inclinometer installation position is selected, the installation holes are punched on the installation plane according to the installation hole size of SST810, and SST810 should be firmly fixed on the installation plane of the measured target with the correct specifications of bolts with spring gaskets.

2. Attentions during installation inclinometer:
1) Turn the screws equally and forcefully in turn to avoid the installation error caused by excessive mechanical stress causing the deformation of SST810 or mounting plane.
2) Ensure the installation reference side of SST810 parallel to the reference side of mounting plane.
3) Ensure that the non-measuring direction of the mounting plane is horizontal.

If you want to get more details about sensor inclinometer installation procedures and tips, please don't hesitate to contact us