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Successful Application of SST20 Inclinometer on Solar Tracking System in South Africa

Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources which is rich, clean and easy to develop for usage. When the global energy shortage becomes more and more prominent, how to utilize solar energy and accurately absorb it through corresponding equipment have already become an important topic around the world.

As our customer said, the photovoltaic industry is also developing rapidly in some districts of South Africa. This customer has a large PV project that he has ever purchased about 200 SST20 single axis inclinometer and dual axis inclinometers from Vigor Technology for his solar tracking systems.

solar tracking system

Why Our Customer Uses SST20 Inclinometer on Solar Tracking System?

Among new energy sources, solar power has broad prospects for long-term development, however, there are certain technical requirements on the solar energy utilization device as the sun's intensity changes with time. At present, many solar panel arrays are fixed that the solar energy resources cannot be fully utilized and power generation efficiency is low. According to relevant experiments, the power generation efficiency of the automatic solar tracking system is about 35% higher than the fixed solar panel arrays under the same conditions.

As one of most important devices of automatic solar tracking system, SST20 inclinometer is used to detect whether the sun's rays deviate from the perpendicular of the solar panel. When the sun rays deviate from the perpendicular, SST20 emits a deviation signal and controls the actuator to let the tracking device realign with the sun.

SST20 used on solar tracking system

Brief Introduction of Our Customer's Solar Tracking System

Solar tracking system is developed for orienting a solar panel or concentrating a solar reflector or lens towards the sun. Concentrators, especially in solar cell applications, require a high degree of accuracy to ensure that the concentrated sunlight is precisely perpendicular to the solar panels. Precise tracking of the sun is achieved through systems via single or dual axis tracking. After a long time of comparison between peer products, finally he selected Vigor SST20 single-axis and dual-axis inclinometer for his solar PV plant:

1. SST20 single axis inclinometers were used for single axis and pitch-azimuth solar trackers; SST20 dual axis sensors were used for dual axis pitch and roll solar trackers.

2. Main parameters of SST20 used on site:
 . Output: 4~20mA
 . Measurement range: ±90°
 . Measurement accuracy: ±0.07°, 15~50°

Currently, Vigor SST20 has successfully used in the solar project, and it monitors the inclination of solar modules and ensures the solar system getting the maximum sunlight. If you need a high-performance solar inclinometer, our SST20 is definitely a good choice.

solar tracking system