MEMS Inclinometer

SST300 Ethernet Inclinometer

    . Axis: 1 or 2 axis
    . Range: ±60°
    . Accuracy: ±0.01
    . Resolution: ±0.0025°


I. Main Features

  • 1. 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface

  • 2. Supports AUTO MDI/MDIX, which can be connected using crossover cable or parallel cable

  • 3. Work mode can choose various working modes such as TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, etc.

  • 4. Work port, target IP address and port can be set

  • 5. Built-in WEB server for easy web page configuration

  • 6. Automatically disconnect after the network is disconnected, ensuring reliable TCP connection establishment throughout the network

  • 7. Support DNS to meet the needs of communication through domain names

  • 8. TCP supports multiple connections, supports connection verification passwords and sends specific data after connection, satisfying

  • 9. 4 devices for managing an embedded module at the same time

  • 10. Supports single or multi-machine communication in UDP mode, which satisfies multiple users simultaneously managing an embedded module

  • 11. Support advanced security mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access by unauthorized persons, provide firewall IP address filtering, and set up to 8 authentication IP or IP segments

  • 12. Support remote configuration

  • 13. IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE Power over Ethernet requirements

II. General Description

The Ethernet tilt sensor is a multi-function Ethernet interface inclinometer developed by Vigor Technology. It integrates the TCP/IP protocol stack, allowing users to easily complete the network function of the tilt sensor product. It can meet the requirements of measuring the tilt angle quickly with high precision, and also has special requirements for the zero point index and the combination of static and dynamic measurement requirements.

The Ethernet tilt sensor integrates 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface, and has multiple working modes such as TCP Server, TCP Client, and UDP. It supports up to four connections and supports domain name access. By using the SST003-05-14 option, multiple Ethernet tilt sensors can easily set up the tilt measurement LAN system, while the SST003-05-15 option can extend the LAN to the wide area network for off-site data query and measurement function settings.

The Ethernet tilt sensor has powerful tilt measurement capabilities:

  • 1. ±0.02% FS linearity

  • 2. ±0.005° zero offset value

  • 3. ±0.008° multiple power-on repeatability to meet various temporary/permanent high-precision measurement requirements

  • 4. Compatible with gyroscope modules for static and dynamic angle measurement, as well as fast coarse adjustment and precise fine-tuning platform adjustment

  • 5. Compatible with the vibration module, real-time high-speed FFT operation, directly output vibration frequency and amplitude data, eliminating vibration effects

  • 6. Cooperate with GPS module to realize synchronous data acquisition and position and motion speed monitoring at different installation locations

  • 7. Further clarified the performance indicators that have a significant impact on measurement accuracy, such as zero offset, repeatability and hysteresis, and power-up repeatability.

  • 8. Internally enhanced advanced intelligent algorithm, which can greatly reduce the horizontal axis error, improve the actual inclination measurement level, and abandon the traditional understanding of the accuracy of the inclination measurement.

  • 9. Significantly reduce the measurement error caused by the inconsistency between the actual tilt direction and the sensor's sensitive direction during installation

  • 10. Users can set various parameters such as zero point, baud rate, local gravity acceleration value, zero correction, vibration suppression filter coefficient, ID address and refresh rate of the sensor, and query the sensor's factory data.

III. Specifications

Download SST300 Ethernet Inclinometer Datasheet

IV. Applications

Vessel, precision instruments, security detection, civil engineering, military project, platform leveling, drilling machines, hydraulic leveling.