Universal 3D Laser Scanner


    . Range: 60m
    . Accuracy: 2mm
    . Resolution: 0.1mm
    . Rotation angle: ±170°


I. Main Features

  1. Specially designed structure for tunnel scanning measurement mode, more suitable for tunnel sidewall scanning measurement;

  2. Engineering machinery grade seismic, waterproof and dustproof design, can be directly installed on the engineering vehicle platform to ensure the working ability under the engineering environment;

  3. Large spot infrared distance measurement combined with coaxial red light pointing, while meeting the high dust, high humidity measurement requirements and high precision positioning requirements of the construction environment;

  4. Independent and modular products, versatile, suitable for system integration needs;

  5. Self-positioning function, with the control point to achieve the positioning orientation of the device itself, to ensure data consistency;

  6. Self-calibration function, simple and easy on-site calibration function to ensure measurement accuracy;

  7. Multi-operating modes such as handheld and upper computer mode, providing sufficient operation convenience for the engineering environment;

  8. Real-time data acquisition and processing capabilities, providing feasibility for real-time data applications;

  9. Universal and convenient data interface, easy to embed in any workflow, real-time data interaction with upper-level vehicle control system and monitoring platform system;

  10. Can meet the needs of long-term use.

II. Product Description

  1. Non-contact measurement;

  2. Measuring distance up to 60m;

  3. Relative measurement accuracy is not less than 2mm;

  4. Absolute positioning accuracy is not less than 3cm;

  5. Two-axis rotation angle range ± 170°;

  6. Industrial Ethernet port;

  7. Convenient and easy to install;

  8. Easy to use interface;

  9. Plug and play design;

  10. High-strength aluminum alloy material, the whole machine is reinforced;

  11. Well sealed design with upgraded protection to IP67.

III. Specifications

Download SSH0802 3D Laser Scanner Datasheet

IV. Applications

  1. Intelligent application of tunnel wet spray machine

  2. Intelligent application of tunnel drilling rig

  3. Tunnel construction vehicle positioning and digital application.