Universal 3D Laser Scanner

SSH0803W 3D Laser Scanner

    . Range: 40m
    . Resolution: 0.1mm
    . Positioning accuracy: 0.01°
    . Control accuracy: 0.01°


I. Main Features
. Universal architecture design to meet a variety of engineering environment applications;
. Engineering machinery grade seismic, waterproof and dustproof design, can be directly installed on the engineering vehicle platform, guaranteed working ability in the engineering environment;
. High-precision scanning measurement of tunnels and 3D point cloud modeling through two-axis linkage;
. Low-speed high-precision visible light measurement, high positioning accuracy, high directivity accuracy;
. Self-positioning function, with the control point to achieve the positioning orientation of the device itself, to ensure data consistency;
. Self-calibration function, simple and easy on-site calibration function to ensure measurement accuracy;
. Multi-operation modes such as the handheld or upper computer mode, providing sufficient operation convenience for the engineering environment;
. Real-time data acquisition and processing capabilities, providing feasibility for real-time data applications;
. Ability to meet long-term usage needs.

II. Product Description
. Stable biaxial structure, automatic continuous scanning, no dead angle in the scanning range;
. 16-bit encoder servo control accuracy reaches 0.01 °, high precision and low speed measurement;
. Red light ranging, the maximum distance is 40m;
. Directivity measurement optimization, orientation and single point high precision positioning;
. High cost performance;
. Horizontal base installation, convenient and stable, with good anti-vibration performance;
. No human intervention is required after the start of the measurement;
. Optional handle operator;
. Standard Ethernet communication protocol.

III. Specifications

Download SSH0803W 3D Laser Scanner Datasheet

IV. Applications

- Engineering trolley boom positioning.

- Trolley intelligent application.

- Wet spray machine intelligent application.

- Tunnel section monitoring.