Universal 3D Laser Scanner

SSH0804W High-Speed 3D Laser Scanner

    . Range: 2-70m
    . Resolution: 0.01mm
    . Positioning accuracy: 3cm
    . Control accuracy: 0.01°


I. Main Features
. Universal architecture design to meet a variety of engineering environment applications;
. Engineering machinery grade seismic, waterproof and dustproof design, can be directly installed on the engineering vehicle platform to ensure the working ability under the engineering environment;
. Line array scanning form, high speed and high precision scanning;
. Two-axis, single-axis dual measurement mode to meet a variety of practical applications;
. Automatic scanning without human intervention;
. Real-time data acquisition and processing capabilities, providing feasibility for real-time data applications;
. Standard Ethernet communication interface;
. Meet the requirements for long-term continuous use;
. Optional self-positioning module, with the control point data to achieve uniform spatial coordinates of the collected data;
. Optional navigation and positioning module to achieve unassisted automatic navigation measurement of vehicles.

II. Product Description
. Two-axis architecture, automatic continuous linear fast scan, no dead angle in the scanning range;
. 18-bit encoder servo control accuracy reaches 0.01°, sampling density is less than 5mm in single-axis mode with 12m typical distance, it can reach 1mm in dual-axis mode;
. Infrared ranging, the maximum distance is 70m;
. Horizontal installation, convenient and stable, with good shock resistance;
. No human intervention is required after the start of the measurement;
. Optional handle operator;
. Standard Ethernet communication protocol.

III. Specifications

Download SSH0804W 3D Laser Scanner Datasheet

IV. Applications

. Wet spray machine intelligent application
. Mine automation application
. Industrial and mining terminal stacking inspection