MEMS Inclinometer

SST100 Tilt Angle Sensor

    . Axis: 1 or 2 axis
    . Range: ±180°
    . Accuracy: ±0.05°
    . Resolution: 0.01°


I. Main Features
- High-stability, high-cost performance tilt angle sensor
- Small size, light weight and easy to integrate
- Cross- axis error is as low as ±0.3% FS
- Unique omnidirectional and high security dual alarm output
- Fully sealed, anti-vibration, anti-shock
- IP67 protection rating

II. General Description
SST100 series tilt angle sensor is a highly-reliable tilt angle measurement product developed for the construction machinery industry. This series has been designed with full-filling seals, enhanced design of PCBA, optimized design of power management, enhanced shock and vibration resistance, 30KG tensile cable as well as precision-machined aluminum alloy casings, which effectively ensures the reliability and stability of this tilt angle sensor. SST100 electronic inclinometer has passed various strict tests such as motion simulation life test, professional automated testing and etc.

SST100 series uses a high-performance low-g MEMS acceleration sensor with an impact resistance of 2000g. It directly outputs analog signal and angle ASCII code data which are proportional to the actual tilt angle, switching signals, through nonlinear compensation, horizontal axis error compensation and filtering techniques.

The tilt angle sensor is suitable for all kinds of construction machinery and field equipments, and can be directly connected with vehicle battery or other unregulated voltages. It provides all-round switching output with no jitter and high hysteresis characteristics, and directly drives replays, speakers, sound& light alarm equipment, PLC and other devices. On-site online alarm point settings are available via the RS232 interface.

III. Specifications

Download SST100 Inclinometer Datasheet

IV. Applications

Various mobile construction machinery equipment, factory automation, solar energy equipment, transportation machinery, medical equipment and so forth.

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