MEMS Inclinometer

SST300 WiFi Wireless Inclinometer

    . Axis: 1 or 2 axis
    . Range: ±60°
    . Accuracy: ±0.015°
    . Resolution: 0.0025°


I. Main Features

1. Developed on the basis of SST300 high-performance inclinometer

2. IEEE802.11b/g standard, Wi-Fi compatible wireless tilt sensor

3. Support for star networks and peer-to-peer networks

4. High data transmission security

5. Working frequency band 2.4G ISM band

6. Radio frequency has passed international certifications such as CE and FCC

7. Operating temperature range -40°C to 80°C

8. Supports transmission distances up to 200 meters in the visible range

9. Customizable Wi-Fi based measurement network with up to 255 nodes

II. General Description

The Wi-Fi wireless tilt sensor, combined with IOT technology and Vigor's patented tilt measurement technology, is suitable for industrial field remote angle data measurement, transmission, acquisition and analysis of the tilt measurement system, is a new affordable and convenient new sensor product.

With the help of Wi-Fi technology, this Wi-Fi wireless inclinometer combines industrial-grade products with commercial-grade end products to give full play to their respective advantages. Its characteristics are follows:

1. With SST300 standard and typical industrial grade product features, good industrial environment adaptability and availability.

2. Adopting mature industrial-grade Wi-Fi wireless communication technology, with safe, reliable and long-distance data transmission capability.

3. Support various software operating platforms, provide PC software based on windows (Microsoft), iOS (Apple), Android (google) platform, whether it is fixed or mobile terminal equipment.

4. Automatically establish network connection directly with any industrial or commercial-grade fixed or mobile terminal equipment with Wi-Fi interface for data acquisition and storage, analysis and query.

5. Inspecting and data acquisition anytime and anywhere through mobile terminals (such as iPhone, iPad, etc.) without interrupting the original equipment or the normal operation of the system, especially suitable for engineering supervision, equipment installation and commissioning.

6. With networking capability, you can increase or decrease the number of SST300 sensors or the number of connected terminal devices anytime and anywhere, so that one terminal device can query multiple sensor data, and one sensor data is simultaneously queried by multiple terminal devices.

7. Break through the traditional electronic level concept to achieve remote level detection, data storage and analysis at minimal cost.

8. Remote data access, diagnosis and setting of sensors can be realized through the internet.

III. Application

1. Civil engineering field: remote monitoring of construction supervision, excavation or non-excavation construction and structural parts; remote detection and testing of bridges.

2. Industrial equipment field: remote monitoring of equipment status, equipment installation process and equipment control process.

3. Test and measurement field: remote monitoring of experimental equipment and levelling; remote testing of dangerous places.

--> Application of Vigor SST300 WiFi Wireless Inclinometer on Telecom Tower in Lithuania

IV. Specifications

Download SST300 WiFi Wireless Inclinometer Datasheet