MEMS Inclinometer

SST300 Explosion-Proof Inclinometer

    . Axis: multi-axis, 1 or 2
    . Range: ±60°
    . Accuracy: ±0.01
    . Resolution: ±0.0025°


I. Main Features

1. High precision, high stability

2. Armored cable with anti-tension, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-jamming features

3. Explosion-proof performance in accordance with CENELEC, IEC standards, NEC standards

4. Good explosion-proof capability, EXdIICT6 explosion-proof rating; IP66 protection rating

5. Aluminum alloy casing, corrosion resistant, low cost

II. General Description

Based on the high performance, high reliability and high stability of the standard SST300 inclination sensor, the explosion-proof inclination sensor is improved from the details of the casing, connector, cable, protection, grounding, etc. It is a professional explosion-proof environment for inclination measurement products. And obtained ATEX, IECEX explosion-proof certification.

1. ±0.02% FS linearity

2. ±0.005° zero offset value

3. Further clarified the performance indicators that have a significant impact on measurement accuracy, such as zero offset, repeatability and hysteresis, and power-up repeatability.

4. Internally enhanced advanced intelligent algorithm, which can greatly reduce the horizontal axis error, improve the actual inclination measurement level, and eliminate the traditional understanding of the accuracy of the inclination measurement. Combined with FFT data, it can greatly improve the tilt measurement in vibration environment.

5. Significantly reduce the measurement error caused by the inconsistency between the actual tilt direction and the sensor's sensitive direction during installation

6. Internally added protection measures such as short circuit, transient voltage, and anti-access protection to adapt to the industrial environment.

III. Application

Attitude monitoring, tilt measurement and safety alarm in oil, chemical, natural gas, gas explosion-proof environment.

IV. Specifications

Download SST300 Explosion-Proof Inclinometer Datasheet