Electronic Levelmeter

SST900 Electronic Levelmeter SST900 Electronic Levelmeter

    . Axis: 1 or 2 axis
    . Range: ±15°
    . Accuracy: ±1"
    . Resolution: 0.05"


I. Main Features

1. Wi-Fi wireless transmission 200m range (open visual range)
2. Wi-Fi+RS485/422 interface available at the same time
3. Built-in lithium battery can be powered for 8 hours
4. Measurement accuracy up to ±1"
5. Resolution up to 0.05"
6. Zero offset ≤± 5"

II. General Description

SST900 electronic levelmeter adopts an inertial navigation level servo accelerometer, and the resolution of its core sensitive device reaches 0.1μg, frequency response reaches 10Hz, and the signal-to-noise ratio is more than 120dB. The measurement accuracy of SST900 electronic levelmeter is up to ±1.0" at room temperature.

When other levelmeters require a long start-up time and a large cross-axis error, our SST900 stands out from peer products by its fast start-up time (less than 3min), minimized cross-axis error (less than 0.1% FS), small misalignment (less than 2 mrad), and the same measurement accuracy can be guaranteed at any measurement point.

SST900 electronic levelmeter can provide LCD display, RS232/ RS485/ RS422, Wi-Fi and other output modes, which can be flexibly adapted to the user's multiple access requirements, such as military launch platform, track construction, bridge steel structure calibration, Applications in areas such as laboratory precision level measurement.

III. Specifications

Download SST900 Levelmeter Datasheet

IV. Applications

Aerospace, car parts, civil Engineering, hardware tools, railway, medical, machining, precision instrument installation, research education, ships and other fields.