Electronic Levelmeter

SST920 Portable Handheld Level Meter

    . Range: ±3°/±5°
    . Resolution: 0.001°
    . Zero repeatability: ≤0.005°
    . Axis: two axis


I. Features

  1. Support both horizontal/vertical ultra-high precision reference position measurement

  2. On-site zeroing and measurement mode switching

  3. LCD dual-axis attitude data display, displaying resolution 0.001°

  4. Super-high measurement accuracy up to 0.005°@25°C±3°C

  5. Load capacity of magnetic base – 10KG

  6. Zero offset ≤±5"

  7. Excellent internal lithium polymer battery, supporting 8-hours continuous measurement

II. Overview

Vigor SST920 is a portable handheld level meter, which can achieve high-precision measurement of pitch/roll attitude at 0°, 90° and 180° positions, is mainly used for on-site installation, debugging and calibration of high-precision requirements.

This portable level meter has a zero position correction and zero setting button, which can perform zero position correction and zeroing operation at multiple positions to obtain sufficient high precision reference data, and has a positioning dovetail groove. The dovetail slot has a magnetic chuck that can be adjusted by an external switch to provide a magnetic permeability of up to 10kg.

The backlit LCD display screen visually displays the measured data, and by switching the buttons, the roll and pitch angle of one position are displayed at the same time, with displaying resolution up to 0.001°.

The handheld level meter is powered by a lithium polymer battery, ensuring 8-hours continuous measurement.

III. Specifications

Download SST920 Handheld Levelmeter Datasheet

IV. Applications

  1. Structural installation

  2. Laboratory measurement

  3. Precision machinery