Servo Inclinometer

SST500 High Resolution Servo Inclinometer

    . Axis: 1 or 2 axis
    . Range: ±60°
    . Accuracy: ±1.5"
    . Resolution: 0.1"


I. Main Features
- Bias stability reaches±0.001° within 12 months.
- Bias temperature drift reaches ±0.0005°/°C.
- Optimized design based on CAE and EDA.
- High working reliability and strong environmental adaptability.
- Feature-rich sensor configuration management software.
- Zero offset ≤±3", absolute linear error at room temperature ≤±1.5".
- Various ground and aerospace-specific interfaces.
- Multiple quality grades: industrial grade, general military grade and high-end military grade.
- MTBF, up to 15000 hours each time.
- Already successfully applied in missile launch, radar, aerospace and other military projects.
- Provides various custom models.

II. General Description
Vigor SST500 series high resolution servo tilt sensor is a revolutionary inclination measurement product which is specially developed with high-precision inertial technology in military field, electromechanical technology and inertial test technology. It is widely used in high-end industrial area and military field.

SST500 high-resolution inclinometer adopts servo accelerometer which is of inertial navigation level, and the resolution of its core sensitive device reaches 0.1μg, the frequency response reaches 25Hz and the signal-noise ratio reaches 120dB. SST500 can achieve measurement accuracy of up to ±1.5" at room temperature, with excellent dynamic response characteristics, long-term stability and excellent environmental adaptability. It has experienced long-term and rigorous tests in industrial and military fields under various static and quasi-static situations.

Vigor engineers performed modal tests on the overall and various key components of the SST500 to minimize external vibration disturbances. To maximize reliability of SST500 high-resolution inclinometer, modeling analysis, regulated software & hardware reliability design guidelines, validated component selection catalogs, finite element analysis (thermal reliability analysis, structural reliability analysis) and FMEA, have been made to ensure the optimal performance and stability.

III. Specifications

Download SST500 Inclinometer Datasheet

IV. Applications

- Military field: missile launch, rocket launch, military radar, mobile communication equipment, fire control system, shelter monitoring, flight test, laser/imaging equipment, navigation system and etc.
- Civil field: large tunnel bridges, shield guiding equipment, space observation, precision machine tools, optical instruments, etc.