Mine-Type 3D Laser Scanner

SSH0801 Mine 3D Laser Scanner

    . Accuracy: 0.01°
    . Resolution: 5mm
    . Range: 100m
    . Measuring time: 0.5ms


I. Features
. Dual axis architecture, automatic continuous scanning;
. 21-bit high-precision encoder with servo control accuracy of 0.01° and a minimum scan resolution of 5mm at 30m;
. Infrared ranging, the maximum ranging distance is up to 100m, and the common measurement range is 6~40m;
. Vertical installation, convenient and stable, with good anti-vibration capability, suitable for working environment of mining equipment;
. No human intervention is required after the start of the measurement;
. Standard Ethernet communication protocol with 8m power cable and 8m communication cable which are all mine explosion-proof.

II. Product Description
. This 3D laser scanner is designed according to the national standard of Class I mine explosion-proof d-type equipment, and it is suitable for underground coal mine working environment.
. Capable of achieving high-precision scanning measurement of tunnels and 3D point cloud modeling.
. Independent-modularization, versatile, suitable for system integration needs.
. Meet long-term continuous use needs.

III. Structure
Adopting the explosion-proof box outsourcing design, the overall volume and weight are optimized on the basis of the national standard of Class I mine explosion-proof d-type equipment, and it is easy to install and maintain under the premise of meeting the mining use standard.

IV. Specifications

Download SSH0801 3D Laser Scanner Datasheet

V. Applications

- Intellectualization of mining wet spray machine

- Intelligent mining of mink trolleys

- Intellectualization of mining rock drilling rig