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Super Typhoon Likima Caused Serious Damage to Telecom Towers in China

On August 16, 2019, the China Meteorological Administration released the assessment report of the 9th typhoon "Likima" of this year. The report shows that "Likima" is the strongest typhoon landing in China this year, and the rainfall intensity caused in Shandong ranked first in history, the rainfall intensity in Zhejiang ranked second in history, resulting in 56 deaths and 14 missing. Because of its strong degree of damage, strong wind and rain, long duration and wide coverage, it is called as the "spirited horse".
Typhoon Likima not only caused serious casualties, but also caused extremely serious losses to the communication infrastructure of the eastern coastal cities of China. According to the information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on August 11, "up to 16:00 on August 11, there are 11, 047 base stations retired, 4,761 poles collapsed, 3119 kilometers of optical cables damaged".

telecome tower collapse during Likima Typhoon

As a manufacturer of sensor products in the Smart City industry with many years of experience, the raging of Likima typhoon has deeply immersed us in thinking about smart cities. With the rapid development of the communication industry, the number of communication towers has increased greatly. The safe and trouble-free operation of communication towers is of great significance for ensuring communication signal coverage and smooth communication. The communication tower is usually a large steel structure tower, working in the open air without obstruction. As it is used for a long time in the harsh outdoor environment, there is no doubt that structural damage and human damage will occur. Many components on the communication tower will have different degrees of deformation, corrosion and loose bolts. When the steel structure damage gets serious to a certain extent, in the event of some natural disasters and bad weather, such as earthquakes, typhoons, blizzards, etc., it is prone to structural damage, tilt, and even collapse, not only seriously affecting normal production and living order and also bringing great inconvenience to natural disaster relief work. Facing natural disasters, how can our sensing products better realize real-time monitoring and early warning of the communication towers’ operational status, and provide effective data support and basis for the analysis and decision-making of smart city operation & maintenance personnel, is always the issue what Vigor Technology is thinking and exploring.

inclinometer for telecom tower safety monitoring

Based on the IoT-based tower monitoring technology and mature sensing technology, Shanghai Vigor Technology products can remotely monitor the communication tower facilities, collect and centrally manage various on-site data, and make scientific predictions for effective maintenance and operational efficiency. The automatic monitoring scheme of telecom tower provided by Vigor Technology can monitor the tilt deformation posture of the communication tower, the dynamic two-axis attitude of the tower tip, the wind speed and wind direction of the tower top and the vibration of the tower body, so as to avoid the deformation, tilting, tower collapse and etc. For the occurrence of faults, the telecom monitoring system can send the warning information to the maintenance person in real time. For more information about the communication tower security monitoring solutions, please go to this page.