MEMS Inclinometer

SST300 Dual Axis Inclinometer

    . Axis: 1 or 2 axis
    . Range: ±60°
    . Accuracy: ±0.01°
    . Resolution: 0.0025°


I. Main Features

  1. Combined absolute accuracy up to ±0.01° @25 °C.

  2. Combined absolute accuracy includes absolute linearity, horizontal axis error, zero offset, repeatability and hysteresis error.

  3. Horizontal axis error as low as ±0.1%.

  4. Zero offset ±0.005°.

  5. Response time 0.3s @ t90.

  6. Factory-provided input shaft misalignment data for more accurate installation and higher actual measurement accuracy.

  7. Vibration suppression adjustment and setting in the field.

  8. Optional full-scale temperature compensation accuracy: ±0.05° @ -40°C~+85°C.

  9. Diversity of output methods.

  10. EMC certification.

II. General Description

SST300 series 2-axis inclinometer features excellent working performance, high-stability design, strict process and structural design, optimal manufacturing material and etc., and it is processed with heat treatment, thermal analysis and finite element analysis so as to achieve maximum reliability and stability.

In order to guarantee accurate data acquisition and trouble-free installation as well as minimize any additional measurement error due to field installations, SST300 dual-axis inclinometer has been strictly tested via our automatic testing technology. In addition to accuracy testing, it also has to pass temperature drift compensation test, nonlinear correction test, horizontal axis error correction test, quadrature error correction test, input axis alignment compensation test, vertical axis alignment compensation test and application simulation life test before delivery.

SST300 single or dual axis inclinometer adopts MEMS accelerometer principle, combined with proprietary vibration suppression technology, can be set and adjusted according to the field conditions. It adopts modular structure design and has dozens of practical accessories for installation, debugging, data acquisition and data output in order to meet various application needs on site.

III. Specifications

Download SST300 Inclinometer Datasheet

IV. Applications

Vessel, precision instruments, security detection, civil engineering, military project, platform leveling, drilling machines, hydraulic leveling.