In-Place Tiltmeter

SST2200 In-Place Slope Inclinometer

    . Axis: 2 axis
    . Range: ±30°
    . Accuracy: ±0.005°
    . Resolution: 0.002°


I. Main Features

- Measurement Range: ±15°(maximum), dual or single axis
- Resolution: 0.0008° (0.01mm/m)
- Measurement accuracy: ±9''
- Temperature measuring accuracy:±0.5℃, resolution: 0.1℃
- Standard RS485 industrial bus interface, internal electrical isolation.
- Network available in site.
- Connecting the sensors to the next by stainless steel tube.
- Universal joint connecting between sensor and tube.
- Stainless steel housing

II. General Description

SST2200 in-place inclinometer is a high-precision, highest-reliability, dual-axis slope inclinometer, mainly used in measuring vertical or horizontal tilt angle (or displacement) of solid mass, rock mass or structure's deformation. It is designed for realizing multi-sensors connection and embedded installation. It mainly can monitor displacement of the earth's surface, uneven subsidence, structural deformation and etc.

III. Specifications

Download SST2200 Inclinometer Datasheet

IV. Applications

- Structure deformation monitoring.
- Sheet-pile and earth-retaining wall deformation monitoring.
- Monitoring the ground deformation caused by excavation tunnel.
- Lateral deflection measurement of pile.
- Inclinometer for slope stability monitoring.