MEMS Inclinometer

SST300 USB Inclinometer

    . Axis: 1 or 2 axis
    . Range: ±60°
    . Accuracy: ±0.015°
    . Resolution: 0.0025°


I. Main Features

  1. Compliant with USB 2.0 standard

  2. Point-to-point working mode, can directly connect to any device's USB port

  3. USB bus directly takes power, no external power supply required

  4. Patented tilt measurement technology for true high precision tilt measurement

  5. Powerful computer debugging acquisition software

  6. Automatically identify and control data transmission direction

  7. Support 1Mb/s (optional 12Mb/s) full speed transmission

  8. ±8KV electrostatic interface protection, strict anti-electromagnetic interference design

  9. Support for Windows98/Windows2000/Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Linux systems

II. General Description

The USB inclinometer is designed on the base of Vigor Technology's patented tilt measurement technology, added USB transfer modules for industrial field applications and laboratory test applications. It can meet the requirements of fast and high-precision measurement of tilt angle, special requirements for zero point index and static and dynamic measurement. It can be used with relevant application software to achieve flatness and verticality measurement.

The USB tilt sensor fully meets the USB 2.0 standard and automatically controls the data flow direction. And no external power supply is required, and the power can be obtained directly from the USB interface of various devices. The USB inclinometer adopts the point-to-point working mode and comes with USB driver software. At the same time, the company provides various PC application software, which can realize the setting, data acquisition and recording of various functions of the sensor.

  1. ±0.02% FS linearity

  2. ±0.005° zero offset value

  3. ±0.008° multiple power-on repeatability to meet various temporary high-precision measurement requirements

  4. Compatible with gyroscope modules for static and dynamic angle measurement, as well as fast coarse adjustment and precise fine adjustment

  5. Compatible with the vibration module, real-time high-speed FFT operation, directly output vibration frequency and amplitude data, eliminating vibration effects

  6. Cooperate with GPS module to realize synchronous data acquisition and position and motion speed monitoring at different installation locations

  7. Further clarified the performance indicators that have a significant impact on measurement accuracy, such as zero offset, repeatability and hysteresis, and power-up repeatability.

  8. Internally enhanced advanced intelligent algorithm, which can greatly reduce the horizontal axis error, improve the actual inclination measurement level, and abandon the traditional understanding of the accuracy of the inclination measurement.

  9. Patented error calculation and test calibration method to greatly improve the actual inclination measurement accuracy and product reliability

  10. Significantly reduce the measurement error caused by the inconsistency between the actual tilt direction and the sensor's sensitive direction during installation

  11. Internally added protection measures such as short circuit, transient voltage, and anti-access protection to adapt to the industrial environment.

  12. Users can set various parameters such as zero point, baud rate, local gravity acceleration value, zero correction, vibration suppression filter coefficient, ID address and refresh rate of the sensor, and query the sensor's factory data.

  13. Proprietary tilt measurement technology and manufacturing process that have been rigorously tested in various industrial and military fields around the world, especially in Europe and America.

  14. The C11 cable is a dedicated cable according to the USB2.0 specification. It can be directly connected to a standard USB port for power supply acquisition and data transmission. It can achieve a maximum of 15m transmission distance.

III. Specifications

Download SST300 USB Inclinometer Datasheet

IV. Applications

Vessel, precision instruments, security detection, civil engineering, military project, platform leveling, drilling machines, hydraulic leveling.