Vibration Sensor

SSA100 Vibration Sensor

    . Range: ±16g
    . Axis: 1/2/3 axis
    . Resolution: 0.1mg
    . Response frequency: 0~1000Hz


I. Main Features

  1. Adaptive Ethernet interface, multiple working modes, support POE power supply.

  2. Support remote multi-connection to meet the simultaneous management of 4 users.

  3. Support remote access & setup data via wireless or internet.

  4. Data synchronization accuracy between multiple sensors is less than 5ms.

  5. Based on MEMS principle, output displacement, frequency, acceleration via 10/100M Ethernet.

  6. Cross-axis sensitivity less than 1.5%FS, optional ±1%, ±0.5%, ±0.1%.

  7. High-pass, low-pass & band-pass filter selectable.

  8. Real-time FFT analysis inside.

  9. Save 30% time and money when compared with traditional system configuration.

II. General Description

SSA100 is a vibration sensor built in with Ethernet function, which can help users easily realize network functions such as multi-node networking of vibration sensors. Its working methods include TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP and Real COM driver. The working port, destination IP address and port can be implemented by preset. Power can be supplied through POE Ethernet device or external DC power can be directly applied.

The SSA100 vibration sensor integrates 10/100 adaptive Ethernet interface, making it easy to perform large-volume data and multi-node vibration detection. The built-in high-speed processing chip collects, processes and analyzes the original acceleration signal in real time. The entire data processing process only takes 1ms, and it can directly output amplitude, frequency and acceleration value data without complex and expensive data acquisition equipment and processional analysis software as well as highly-complex sensor configuration work.

Moreover, the SSA100 vibration sensor's cross axis error is only ±1.5%, and can provide ±1%, ±0.5%, ±0.1% cross axis error selection according to user needs. It has higher actual measurement accuracy than similar vibration sensors (generally around 3%).

III. Specifications

Download SSA100 Vibration Sensor Datasheet

IV. Applications

Engineering machinery, automobile, shipping, radar/antenna motion monitoring, factory automation, railway transportation, scientific research & teaching, civil engineering,etc.